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Dutch Oven Recipes
Stream-Side Salmon
Marinated Vegetables
Blackberry Dump Cake
Rainbow Rice
Stream-Side Salmon
  • aluminum foil
    1 salmon fillet, 2-3 lbs.
    salt & pepper, lemon pepper works too!
    1/2 cup sour cream
    1 onion, sliced into rings
    1 lemon, sliced into rings
    fresh dill or dried dill weed

  • Arrange aluminum foil to be double wrapped and have a closed seam for cooking. Lay the Salmon fillet on the tin foil. Dust the fillet with salt and pepper. Lemon pepper works well, too. Sprinkle fresh dill on the fillet. Brush sour cream on the fillet abundantly. Place thin slices of onion and lemon over the fillet. Wrap up the filet in the tin foil. Place directly over briquets or on the coals of your campfire on a low fire. Turn fillet over after about 20 minutes and cook for approximately 20 more minutes. Depending on how hot your coals are, cooking time can be reduced to 15 minutes per side.
Marinated Vegetables

  • 4 stalks fresh broccoli, chopped
    8 large fresh mushrooms, chopped
    1 medium green pepper, chopped
    3 stalks celery, chopped
    1 small head cauliflower, broken into florets
    3 carrots, sliced

  • Combine all vegetables and toss lightly
  • 3/4 cup sugar
    2 tsp. dry mustard
    1 tsp. salt
    2/3 cup vinegar
    1 1/2 cup vegetable oil
    1 small onion, quartered
    2 Tbsp. poppy seeds
    cherry tomatoes

  • Combine remaining ingredients in blender, mix well and pour over vegetables. Garnish with celery leaves and cherry tomatoes. Chill at least 3 hours. Serves 10-12.

  • This is a great dish to server when you're cooking for a large group. It fills in for a salad and you don't have to have different choices of dressing to please everyone.
Blackberry Dump Cake

  • 4 cups frozen blackberries or other desired fruit
    1/2 cup flour
    1 white cake mix, with pudding included for moistness
    1 20 oz. bottle of lemon-lime carbonated soda, such as 7-Up
  • Put fruit in the bottom of a 12" Dutch oven. Sprinkle flour over the fruit for thickening. Sprinkle the dry cake mix over the fruit and flour. Gently pour the carbonated soda over the cake mix. Cover and bake using 4-6 briquettes under the Dutch Oven and 18-22 on the lid of the Dutch Oven to bake the cake. Baking should take about 35-45 minutes. You will know when it is done, the aroma of the fruit and cake are unmistakable. Let stand to cool. Serve with whipped cream, if desired.
Rainbow Rice

  • 1 bag of pre-measured rice, or rice to serve 4, prepared ahead of time
    2 tbsp. salad oil
    1 can black olives, slices
    1 red pepper, sliced and diced

    1 green pepper, sliced and diced
    1 purple onion, sliced and diced
    2 Roma tomatoes, sliced and diced
    seasoned rice vinegar
    olive oil
  • Prepare rice with salad oil. Rinse thoroughly in a strainer to prevent clumping, and cool. In a large bowl, place cooled rice. Fold in olives, red and green peppers, onions and tomatoes. Dress with the seasoned rice vinegar and olive oil.